Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Inspiring New Year Resolutions

With 2012 fast approaching, do you find you are a person who makes a promise to lose weight, join the gym, eat healthier, quit smoking, get out of debt, travel, or be less stressed? But as February approaches you are totally stressed out and find yourself turning your back to your New Year's resolution.

Are you willing to be inspired to try a different approach this year?

We had previously discussed how thoughts effect our actions. Therefore, it is beneficial to focus on our thoughts, so that you can change your actions.

This may not sound easy, but the effort is worth it when you reap the wonderful results. Let’s discuss how you can change your thoughts in order to fulfill this New Year’s resolution.

1. First, you need to become a witness to your own thoughts.

2. Next, ask yourself: "Is this thought a positive, negative or wasteful thought?”

3. Then change the negative, wasteful thoughts into positive and harmonious ones.

Finally, focus on your self: how does my body feel, how is my outlook on life, how are my interactions with others?

The world is a reflection of who you are within.

How people react to you is a reflection of how you approach them; what you think and feel about them. But what if you really dislike some one? My answer would be: try to find one positive quality about them. So that when you meet or think about them, try to focus on that one quality. In this way the relationship can start taking a turn in the opposite direction.

New Year’s resolutions are a great time to start change because as another year passes, we begin to realize that time lost is never gained back. How did you spend your precious time this past year? Did you dwindle it away with gossip, meaningless chatter, endless t.v, and internet? If so, is this the year you want to spend quality time with people around you, educating yourself, and becoming introspective? All of these qualities can help you to live a more balanced and peaceful life.

Are you tempted to try it? Let me know, and I can help you fulfill your New Year’s resolutions.

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