Thursday, March 10, 2016

Feeling Stressed Out?

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In today’s fast paced and very hectic world, just about everyone will feel stressed-out at some time in their life.  In fact, if someone said they’ve never been stressed-out, would you believe them?

First I want to state that stress can be both negative and positive. An example of positive stress would be:

·      feeling anxious before giving a presentation
·       meeting new people
·       getting married

We have the same physical and emotional symptoms, whether the stress is positive or negative. For positive stress, we experience the high, the happiness and then we return to our emotional and physical comfort level. 

Negative stressors include, but are not limited to:
  •  Poor health
  •  Negative work environment
  •  Employment issues
  • Marriage discord
  • Family problems
  • Financial issues  

 These stressors result in situations where you do not feel or believe you have any control over them.  These situations may have been persisting for long periods of time, even years. 

You may see no end in sight and react negatively. You may feel threatened, scared and on edge. Not only are people today experiencing stress, but few are handling it well.  We respond to stressors with a knee-jerk reaction, it’s automatic and not well thought out.  We worry about what may happen next.  Your mind works through all the various possible scenarios you can dream of happening.  You are in attack mode, willing to do anything for self-preservation.  You are so stressed out, that you have become a nervous wreck.  Your mind is focused on all the negative possibilities, so much so, that you can think of nothing else.  Your brain chatters with all the ‘What If’ scenarios.  At some point in the future, if your situation doesn’t change, your health may suffer.  Instead of fighting back, you prefer to hide under the covers for safety, hoping your problems will magically disappear.  Unfortunately, that rarely happens.

It is said that 80-90% of diseases have a stress induced component.  Imagine if you received treatment and guidance on how to properly respond to stress, so you could live a more stress-free and healthy life! Would it not be great to have fewer visits to the doctor’s office, more productive work environment, happier marriages, and closer relationships with friends and family? That’s where psychotherapy treatment or counselling can help you.

How Psychotherapy and Stress Counselling Helps You:

Stress counselling will help you identify your stressors and your response to them.  We will explore all aspects of your life identifying your perceived causes of the stress. This is a very important step in stress management.  Remember, when we feel threatened, we believe we have lost control of the situation and do not have the ability to manage the problem.  Stress counselling involves tapping into your inner resources, empowering you to overcome the negative thoughts.  Improving your communication skills so you can react positively, appropriately and with confidence, can also reduce your stress levels.

In stress counselling you will learn effective coping strategies that you can use in any given situation to manage your stress.  Your negative stress levels will reduce significantly, thus resulting in a much healthier and happier life.

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