Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How Do You Discover Your True Self?

Being your true self is about ending all pretension. As long as we are worried about what others think of us, we are owned by them. It is only when we require no outside approval that we really become ourselves.

We forget that our thoughts are like seeds, which create our tomorrows. We have also forgotten that our minds are interconnected to the minds of others and our thoughts influence them. When our thoughts about others are positive, they influence others to be good to us.

When our thoughts are of one kind, words and deeds of different type, there is total disharmony in the body, mind and spirit. This disharmony is the cause of all trials and tribulations, disease, for example. Therefore, if we want to change the world around us, then we ought to change our thought patterns. Easily said, but hard to do. It's a worthwhile struggle though, it can be done.

We spend most of our time and energy on the material world while ignoring what's going on inside. Once we start spending more time in the inner world, our need to control other people and possess objects naturally reduces.

The process isn't difficult to begin: take some time each day to sit and take stock of yourself. More than a few minutes. Don't multi-task.Come to a place of stillness, focus on your breath. When any thoughts or feelings come up, return your focus onto your breath.

When we learn to live in the inner world, we can see all as equal, where we can love and embrace all. From this place we can be truly unlimited and powerful.

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