Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Incorporating Psychotherapy into Your Spiritual Life.

Your spirituality is important to you. Your personal relationship with God (or whatever name you want to give to the Almighty) can give you strength and confidence; comforting you. And your faith can bring you into a close community and provide a sense of belonging.

While religion can be very therapeutic, it can't fully replace therapy. Even in 12 step programs, all of which have some spiritual elements, there are also elements of therapy which must be included for success.Examples of this include examining past transgressions and making amends for them.

The fundamental difference between psychotherapy and religious healing is that where religion bestows the necessities I mentioned above, therapy provides the equal necessity of dealing with underlying trauma and personal stress. While religion provides comfort it may not actively repair unresolved emotional issues.

Therapy resources may be available in your spiritual community through priests(some of whom have psychotherapy training) and holistic counsellors in your community.

My point here is that while religion and therapy seem to be opponents, they are in facts two parts of a greater whole that can work together towards your overall well-being.

It's a great idea to find a therapist who can work within your spirituality and marry the two.

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